scribble scrabble

proficient in denial.

one day i will roll my feelings up in a ball,
like an old newspaper, leave them on a park
bench and walk away. ill write them on a
postcard, choose a random address from an
outdated phonebook and never look back. ill
start a new notepad file, type out all i feel
and then press the backspace button till an
error pops up. ill get a tattoo of a million
dots and each sting of the needle will remind
me of all the times ive missed you. ill look
you in the eye, say all this out loud and
if you ask ill say its actually for

scribble scrabble

put on your poker face

youll need it later, her eyes will hunt
you down, i promise you that. with her
head between your legs and your hands
gripping the wall, youre playing out your
and youre losing
the discomfort of knowing you have no
aces left up your sleeves, you let in
to the panic that reigns your mind
and surrender
to loss.

scribble scrabble

one time romance lived.

behind closed eyes and that clenched jaw
is terror that brings us to the end for which
neither was psyched, but we took off our love
goggles to look at grinning teeth of reality,
successful for another moon passing ignoring
the jitters of impending questionable doom.
lets set our house on fire to look like heroes when
we put it out seemed like a good idea, but dont we
already fit seamsely without thinking there is something

scribble scrabble

how much truth is there in an alcohol-infused message?

vague glances from across the glass that do not
linger in fear of exposing a primal desire, timely
in tune yet random enough to ignore till next
mute worthing of meaningless sentences, encapsulating
drunken ideas worthy of intervention and a slap of a
thousand sand grains, sipping as gently as your blonde
hair in summer storm.
come back with me, my desire lost.

scribble scrabble

diluting our existence.

she gives me anything but despair, leaving my desires
wondering how can she? dirty lovers, raising hell with a saint
she portrays, always tightroping on edge of lust and
complete sadness, idle confetti after a victorious
lap, utterly free challenging mad hatter, lost like
the yellow brick road. mixing analogies like drinks and
exposed only to her eyes staring back, bite marks tell
our story, tonight is another

scribble scrabble

danes si zob ne umijem.

pa tako mi je vedno težila s tem.
za zobe je potrebno skrbet!
prav o tem sma se tudi danes pogovarjali
ampak danes
danes si zob ne umijem
hočem okusit njo še vsaj par ur
tisti njen okus, tisti samo njen
ki ga imam še za nohti
ne, tudi rok si ne bom umila
želim jo imeti v sebi do jutra
kot takrat, pred parimi dnevi,
ko sva se skupaj zbudili
v objemu
kot najbolj osladni ameriški filmi
zato danes
danes si zob ne umijem
kaj pa veš
mogoče pa je res zadnjič.

scribble scrabble

v tistem momentu.

“to bi?
kaj bi?
v tistem momentu ne zmorem spravit skupaj odgovora, samo zaprem
oči, še bolj razprem nogi in jo spustim vase. pa saj ve, da si
želim tega, ampak uživa v čakanju.
uživa, ko moram jaz čakati.
v tistem momentu jo imam najraje na svetu in v tistem istem
momentu jo sovražim točno zato,
ker jo imam najraje na svetu.
“če bi jst bla tip, bi bla skoz v teb.”
v tistem momentu mi nameni enega tistih pohotnih pogledov, ugrizne
spodnjo ustnico, obrne se na trebuh, porine boke proti meni in čaka.
čaka name.
na moje prste.
v tistem momentu jo imam najraje na svetu in v tistem istem
momentu jo sovražim točno zato,
ker jo imam najraje na svetu.
ker jo imam najraje na svetu.